Conference registration and fees:

In order to register for the conference, please fill out the registration form (DOWNLOAD HERE) and submit it to EST2023@MAS.AC.MN. In the form, the participation type for the conference and field trip participation must be determined. There are two types of registration fees provided in the form, with or without field trip participation. The payment instruction for the conference registration is given in the form.


Short abstract must be prepared in the registration form and emailed to EST2023@MAS.AC.MN. Please, provide the co-author’s full name and email of the corresponding author. Also, it is necessary to keep the word limits in the range between 250 and 300 and include up to six keywords.

The extended abstract should be submitted using the EquinOCS submission system (website). Please, follow the guideline for preparation and submission on the website (or download the template and submit). Submitted extended abstracts are expected to be original research and to contain no plagiarism. Upon receipt of the extended abstracts, selection for publication in the Atlantis-Press publisher will be conducted in accordance with international standards as follows. Editors will send the extended abstracts to reviewers for the peer-review, in which the process is double-blind. Each extended abstract will be reviewed by two reviewers. The editors will consider the reviewer’s comments and make the final decision on whether or not to accept it for publication. The final decision should be unbiased or without regard to the seniority, sex, religion, race, nationality, and institutional affiliation of the authors. Selected extended abstracts will be delivered to the Atlantis Press publisher for publication. It is important to note that the Atlantis Press publisher adopts the Creative Commons license number 4, which is a copyright policy that does not require a copyright transfer from the authors, and owns a license to produce, reproduce, and sell the work (see for more details:

The deadline to submit the short and extended abstracts is June 15, 2023.



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